Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last year was a great year for comics

The Batman.  Don,t know where to begin. I guess for me it started with the R.I.P trade. for most of it I wasnt reading so i had to catch up. With that and ex-co-worker I got caught up starting with Batman and Robin and Red Robin well was reading currnt at the time and tracking down the older trades Batman and Son Batman The Black Glove R.I.P Final Crisis Then Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne. Then It branched out to Batgirl ,Streets Of Gotham, Batman, Detective, Gotham City Sirens, Batman The Dark Knight, Batman, Batman Inc, As Well as geting trades of other older story arcs. Thats Just Batman lol

   Non Batman Kevin Smith Green Hornet which was issues 1-10 Kickass got the first trade and the first issue of vol2 Kato issues 1-7 Nemmisis, Green Arrow two trades That Kevin Smith wrote Daredevil that Kevin Smith Wrote  The Secret Six 3 trades and 11 issues its been great fun hopefuly more to come

New X-box live gamer tag??

Well I am thnking of getting a new live account.. should i keep my name or change it? if i change it I am thinking of either Jason-Todd327 or Ragdolll-327 two of my favorite comic hmm heros?villins? my current live tag is Kr1min4l if I keep then i just need to renew it maybe when the taxs come in but dunno since heavy into the comic thing think i should change it

What I,ve been up to

I am still looking for a job took some computer classes last quater but not this one. Thought it would be better to try to find work so life can get back to normal. Before lost my job me and my girlfriend had our own apratment we each had our own car and life was good... it still is good just a little bit diffuclut now.

      I have gone through a change in hobbies. I used to be a gamer mostly Pc fps then my gaming rig went down. so i switched to X-box 360 still shooters. Now with having to move back with her folks slow internet up there so no gaming what so ever. between that and me new found intrest in comics but having no job i find my game collection dwindling to feed my comic addiction lol.

     So part of the reason it has been so long in writing anything here is been on the go the gf haws work and school so we are alwys going somewhere between that and always putting in aplications looking for work been pretty busy but things are still good and I will try to get to this more often

  Started playing chess online again its been awhile but its something differnt and to keep my mind sharp

Thursday, September 16, 2010

R.I.P Padfoot

Its never good when the first thing that you do when you wake up is bury a pet. Padfoot was a great little  hamster. We have had her a little over a year. we got her a few days after we lost Marshmallow I miss you to girl :( . Padfoot was grey with a white striped belly and lil white around her lil paws.

        She was a cool lil hamster and a little escape artist. There was this one time i was walking into the living room into the rest room when i happend to look at her cage and she was walking on top of on the outside!! I looked to see if i had forgot to close the cage doors but no they were both closed. I called Kas my gf and told her padfoot got out and i didnt know how. she said ok well put her in to see if she does it again. She has always been a lil climber. I put her back in and she started climbing t he cage i thought ok nothing new here she climbed all the way up the side of the cage and started climbing upside down on the cage and over to the trapdoor and squeezed through the latch and was out and on top again!! If you look at the cage it does not seem like anything could squeeze through that after that we had to use wire ties by the trapdoors so we didnt lose her.

  I am sad that she is no longer with us but i know she is up in hamster heven with our two other hamsters and her sisters hamsters all having fun and waiting to meet up with us when its time for us to go.

                                                  Love you lots Padfoot miss you girl

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I have been a fan of Slim Shady since his second major album The Marshal Mathers Lp. He is a intresting rapper not quite horror core or acid rap but close. At first it is his over the top violence in his music that catchs you but soon you start to listen to his words and realize that his rhyme flow is pretty uniqe. It is a combo of his punch lines rhyme flow and beats that keep  me coming back for more that and his trash talking on everyone .

He has put out seven studio albums, The Slim Shady Lp, The Marshal Mathers Lp, The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse Relaspe Refil, and Recovory. as well as one mixtape Eminem presents the re up.

  It seem on his last album he was in what i call Eminem mode. I think he has two differnt rapping personas. Eminem and Slim Shady. Eminem is the persona that is more about what rhymes with what? Where as Slim Shady is the crazy cat that will say anything the more offensive the better and about anyone. I am a fan of both the hate filled violence in his raps an Slim are crazy and the words he puts together as Eminem are crazy.

  He is also a member of D-12. a group of six rappers with alter egos one normal one that says the most messed thing that comes to there mind.

 He has done some producing he produced a 2pac cd.

 He has a book out The Way I Am
 He has stared in a movie 8 Mile

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

I have been a fan for quite a while. I have seen most of the movies that he has driected. I find them to be funny and quite often moving. My favorites are Dogma Clerks and Clerks II the rest are good dont get me worng but those are my favs. The best of the rest Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Copout, Vulgar. Kevin has been in a few movies as an actor as well Besides playing Silent Bob. The only one i seen was Live Free or Die Hard. He was in catch and release and now you know and had a cameo in Scream three.

It wasnt untill a few years ago that i knew he was a comic writer. It was his three part Batman comic titled Cacophony that got me back into comics. I still need to find some of his older work. I found out later that the villin that is in Cacophony Onomatopoeia was introduced (by Kevin) in a Green Arrow comic called sounds of violence. The only comics writen by Kevin I have read so Far are Batman Cacophony Batman The Widening Gyre (the first Half) he first six issues of The Green Hornet, Daredevil Gardian devil. I need to find and read Green Arrow Quvier,The Green Arrow Sounds of Violence, Spiderman The Evil That Men Do, also when they come out the second half of Batman The Widening Gyre and how ever far his Green Hornet story continues and if i can find the the View Askiew comics.

It wasnt till around six months ago that I found out what SModcast is. Its like podcast but called SModcast its the first letter of the two that talk on it. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. It is quite funny most of the time. I was kinda shocked how he doesnt hold anything back about his personal private life. He uses himself to get a laugh. The talks can be about what movies he has seen recently to what his dogs have been up to. Its all good fun.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What i have been doing latly

Well I am moving again. I used to work at a casino got let go. Did the looking for a job thing for about 2 months. It did not work out. Moving And going to school.

I was home schooled so I just got my GED. Now its time to better my education. I am taking all computer classes. I have had a computer four about 5 years for gaming purposes. I figure it would be good if I could fix my own computer when something goes wrong. Also Computers interest me enough to want a career in them something like IT maybe. I have Basic knowledge of computers wouldn't hurt to learn more.